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About Us Our main products include surface treatment equipement(rectifier,industrial chiller,immersion heater,filter...)

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    • Switch Power Supply Rectifier

      Switch Power Supply Rectifier

      Electroplating is the electrolytic deposition of an adhering (metal) layer on an electrode, aiming to give surface properties which differ from those of the base material. For instance, a very thin metal layer (thinner than a human hair) is often a very effective protection against corrosion.

    • Precious metal plating rectifier

      Precious metal plating rectifier

      Haney CE certification 12v 300a Electroplating Jewellery dc rectifier Electroplated kla gold jewelry with pure 24 ct gold to provide a richer gold color. Electroplating with carat or pure gold to make the color more uniform, hide the change of parts and solder wire color. plating to provide...

    • Electrolysis Rectifier

      Electrolysis Rectifier

      We are professional in line of surface treatment and printing machine. Surface treatment equipment which covered a wide range of products that include igbt rectifier,rotator machine,industrial chiller,immersion heater,filter,anodes… Printing machine includes the type of pad and silk screen.